Thursday 23 January 2014

Zhejiang province: then and now in H7N9 town

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The data are plotted as number of cases (y-axis)
vs. week of illness onset (or date reported if
onset data was not reported). The time span is
the same for both graphs (2-months) and the
number of cases is fixed at a 50-cases on
the y-axis of both so that the slopes can be
A quick look at what life was like in Zhejiang province, the current H7N9 hotzone, over a 2-month period (top) when cases really took off in 2013 compared to the past 2-month period this year.

The current slopes is less steep and the case tally is a little lower, but it is not hard to see that both will increase if the current rate of cases continues; of the last 18 H7N9 cases, 12 (67% or two-thirds) were from this province.

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