Saturday 11 January 2014

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) update to timeline of key events....

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Feel free to use this graphic. Simply cite this blog and Dr Ian M. Mackay.

An update to my main website's MERS-CoV timeline now including the countries that have hosted their "own" cases along the top - and when the first case most likely occurred.

I'm doing a little updating across the board actually - hence the graphics!

Anything you'd like to see recorded on this timeline that I've missed?

As always, these graphics are cobbled together from various sources including public and the scientific literature. They do not represent the views or interpretations of any institution but the one in my head. They are compiled with all care and the best of intentions but may not be as comprehensive as data from the primary public health sources in the countries that are mentioned on my websites.

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