Monday 27 January 2014

Influenza H7N9 in the news....

Some snippets of information about H7N9 from China in recent releases include:

  1. The description of H7N9-induced disease has changed in 2014 from an "infectious disease" to a "communicable acute respiratory disease". For what that's worth.
    Still technically infectious, just more about what sort of disease.
  2. 7 patients have died with H7N9 infection in 2014
  3. The incubation period for signs and symptoms to develop after H7N9 infection is 3-4-days; if patients develop severe pneumonia, it will be 3-7-days after signs and symptoms begin
  4. Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong said
    "China will strengthen monitoring on live poultry, continue vaccine research and development, tighten international communication and cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, and publicize disease information in a timely manner"
  5. "DNA rapid tests" (PCR-based) suggest a batch of chickens being imported into Hong Kong from Foshan, Guangdong may be H7 positive. H7N9? Further testing is ongoing. [Update - looks like they were POS as Hong Kong has suspended imports and will cull 20,000 chickens already there]
  6. 12 cases in Zhejiang province have died from H7N9 in 2014 alone! I have 2 listed. 7 in total 2014. Looks like we've lost traceability on the numbers again.

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