Thursday 23 January 2014

H7N9 snapdate: cases per week and cumulative cases

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This "snap update" is about the H7N9 epidemic curve. It reveals that the second wave of H7N9 human cases are really piling up this winter. As I sit here at 9:30pm (7:30pm in Shenzen), I've just added another 7 from Zhejiang (n=5), Shanghai (n=1) and Guangdong province (n=1) for today. 

It's also worth noting that we did not know of H7N9 in humans this time last year; we are still a few weeks away from the 1st anniversary of H7N9's discovery. WHO was notified 31-March-2013, but onset of first illness due to H7N9 was 18-Feb-2013). Its case numbers suggest a slow rise compared to a seasonal human influenza epidemic (H1N1 or H3N2 viruses for example), but it is a rapid rate for an avian flu in humans.

Tallies have hit 25, 26, 7 and 12 cases (=70 so far) per week for the past 4-weeks (beginning 30-Dec, 6-Jan, 13-Jan and 20-Jan respectively). These tallies will change if/as new case announcements continue and are assigned to dates of onset that sit in among these weeks.

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