Monday 13 January 2014

An idiot's list of key influenza mutations...Draft 2 (please correct and contribute-updating constantly)

Okay, I admit that keeping the number-amino acid shorthand-number codes for all the influenza virus mutations out there has totally escaped me as a thing of interest so far. 

Probably because I can't remember them! 

So, like many things on VDU, I'm starting a page that may serve as a record. To start with, it will be mostly just the mutations we often see talked about in research papers and the more sciency media sources and blogs. If you are knowledgeable in this area, please spare a minute to let me know of what I'm missing.

I'd really like to list:

  1. The code for the mutation e.g. Q226L or E627K ("usual" amino acid code first, mutated version last)
  2. Any alternative numbering, if it exists H3 vs H5 vs H9 etc
  3. What animals are involved (relates to #1 also)
  4. What finding the mutation means - binding changes (upper or lower respiratory tract, stabilizes the virion, resistant to pH, antiviral resistance etc)
In return, I'll curate and maintain a webpage with that list until the day I die! Deal?

Here is the start of at Draft 2...

Please click on image to enlarge. Note new post about CDC
Table of mutations
 for H5N1.

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