Friday 17 January 2014

Tracking virus-related deaths using publicly available data...

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Here's the cumulative case chart overlaid with the cumulative deaths and PFC. see the story behind the term PFC here, created by VDU to avoid issues around case fatality rate/ratio (CFR) which relies on knowing when cases have recovered.

I have two PFC values charted here. In black dots, is my curated list based on fatal cases (n=40; red dots) that have been announced publicly. 

In yellow are the numbers gleaned from media releases and the WHO - the latest number being 52 fatal H7N9 outcomes. 

Somewhere towards the end of the initial H7N9 outbreak in May, we stopped seeing reports from China that could link fatal cases with those H7N9 cases they initially announced. If anyone knows of a complete public list of fatal H7N9 outcomes that contains all 52 cases with age/sex/date of illness onset/date of death/province, I would be most grateful to be made aware of it.

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